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Suggested check for mod installers

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1 hour ago, subtledoctor said:

Ultimately mods themselves cannot enforce good install order. Only the user, or a mod manager, can do it. 

They can... thing is, it's a hassle not worth taking/sinking time into. Why ? Cause if it's not optimal for the outcome of the wanted result, ultimately determinde only by the mod installer person, the file can be patched with a better line that actually worth a darn thing. And the mod manager can do that, if there's a need.


13 hours ago, Caedwyr said:

I was surprised how many mods didn't give any errors even though I was installing them on top of EET-End.

Could it be that there were no errors ? Incompatibility is more than an error in the install. You can patch files that exist, but are not used. Example, patch the weapon items in Tutu... not knowing it's a Tutu install, you disregard the new items and you just patch the old ones and oups, your tweak did nothing.

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