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Minor string updates

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STRING_SET 4330 ~ Come on, now, don't let me suffer in this place. We've both had enough of that.~ [iMOEN20] // This was a typo.


Below are more restorations than bug fixes, but the resources exist so you may as well use them (it can't be made any worse than the Baldurdash game text updates). The VO is pretty bad.

The relevant search pattern here was: \d{3,}\]


STRING_SET 67654 ~Perhaps you have the power to break Abazigal's spell, Bhaalspawn. You have the scroll of Reversal. I feel... its power. Free me from... my bondage!~ [bAZDR311] // She sounds like she's taking a dump here.


STRING_SET 67658 ~I... welcome... such... release.~ [bAZDR312] // In this one, she sounds like she's been hittin' the sauce. Careful now, sexy, you don't want to fall.


STRING_SET 67662 ~I will... give you... the wardstone... to pass. You can... kill... Abazigal!~ [bAZDR313] // For this one, we want you to act like you're dying (do it like you were in high school drama class) and read the lines, simultaneously. It'll be cool.


STRING_SET 67666 ~The enchantment is broken! I am free from this accursed servitude to that bastard half-breed! Free to leave this place and never return!~ [bAZDR314] // Well, as far as this lady goes, this one's OK.


STRING_SET 67669 ~You are a fool, puny <RACE>, to bargain with a dragon. We care little for promises made to the likes of you.~ [bAZDR315] // Damn. She must have been on a roll that day.


STRING_SET 67671 ~But you are in luck, tiny <MANWOMAN>. Abazigal must pay for what he did to me, but I am not eager to allow myself to fall victim to his snares once more.~ [bAZDR316] // (giggle) Like, oh my God, I'm, like, so mad!


STRING_SET 67675 ~Therefore, I will honor our agreement and give you the wardstone before I leave this vile place. May you extract unholy vengeance on the mongrel half-breed's head!~ [bAZDR317] // Most people breathe, but not this lady. She has iron lungs.


Sadly, her combat sounds really are missing (not just invalid). Oh well. They can't have been that good, anyway.


Minor restorations: (\D\d\])

STRING_SET 5962 ~~ [MUSTR08]

STRING_SET 11402 ~~ [HIT_02D1]

STRING_SET 33531 ~... Ize being (hic!) sooooo glahd ti seeze ye... (hic!) yooze soooo neyce ti usssz beyssz... (hic!)~ [DRUNK01]

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STRING_SET 15187 ~Ey, now. (burp) (Morninglord's bleshin', excuse me.) I don' be recognizin' ye.~

STRING_SET 15210 ~Well, I be Garoll, thank ye. (burp) (Who wash 'at?) Now that you an' I be proper frendsh an' all, how aboutsh you buyin' Garoll a drink, aye?~

STRING_SET 15264 ~Ah, yer a cheapshkate if I ever sheen one. (burp) Gah.~

STRING_SET 15284 ~Err, oh, aye. Mayhapsh ye should be ashkin' Lehtinan for yourshelf, if 'at's whatsh ye be wantin'. (burp) I 'ave little enough coin, myshelf, to 'ave ever indulged.~


The first two look pretty dumb now though, but at least they make sense, as opposed to before when you couldn't tell what was being excused or whatever. Suggested fix?

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If these were strings where one of the designers decided to enclose these in angled brackets, then they're fine the way they are (they don't look that off to me).


EDIT: by "fine the way they are," I mean the way they are now that you've fixed them


Also look to the drunk guard that lounges in some of the taverns (he had one or two, IIRC), and the generic drunk tavern patron.

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So, I thought to simply use Adalon's sounds for BAZDRA03. I thought wrong. Leading to this optional update:



SAY 0xd0 ~ You've made a fatal error in judgement!~ [sILVER19]

SAY 0xd4 ~ This is your end!~ [sILVER18]

SAY 0x0110 ~ You have come for a reason. Out with it.~ [sILVER14]

SAY 0x0114 ~ I would not have expected the likes of you.~ [sILVER12]

SAY 0x0118 ~ You are welcome in my sight.~ [sILVER11]



STRING_SET 60724 ~ I see you there.~ [sILVER13]

STRING_SET 60741 ~ I will not fall here today... I will not!~ [sILVER22]


You may recognize some of these. They're the exact same sounds as you've heard elsewhere, except they have dragon reverb. Ooh. It's the same lady doing all the VO, so I don't feel bad about using them (all were previously unused).

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