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Need help with starting to make UI mod for IWD: EE (Steam)

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After some time I decided to learn how to draw to achieve some money by making a video-game or anime, and laso I like to play in video-games so I decided to play in IWD: EE, then in IWD2: EE, then probably in SoD and BG2: EE. I have created a custom portrait for IWD: EE, I will create some biography for my MC, and so on... But the point, I am as usually discovered that IWD has white font on black, which is annoying for me and harmful for eyes if read a lot you, and in this games you need read a lot ofc... So I decided to make a little bit different new UI for IWD. I have some experience in the long past with BG UI mods, but I have forgot almost anything, that because I need short help...

— What software to download?

— How to use this software to modify UI of the Steam version of IWD: EE?

After I will start, I will probably bother this forum in section Mods Q&A. Thank you in advance for the answers!

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You need NearInfinity to extract the file related to the UI (mostly UI.menu) and extract/create resources (BAM/MOS files). Then any text editor as UI.menu is just a regular text file and also probably an image editor to edit/create new texture.

If you already have done some UI modification for BGEE, it's the same for IWDEE.

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Already figured it myself, and downloaded Nearinfinity. Is there any particular manual, or how-to? Difference on Steam version? I have already done some modification to BG: EE, BG2: EE, SoD, but it's was long time ago... My target in IWD: EE is change background images and text colors. This is example how I have done in in the BG.






Top original SoD Inventory UI, the bottom my mod. Also I want to rewalktrought BG1/2/SoD after IWD. My aim with a mod to make comfort paly — make black font of the white background.

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