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Mur'Neth v13.1 with Russian Version now available!


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Mur'Neth is an NPC mod for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition or either of the Baldur's Gate conversions, Tutu or BGT-WeiDU. He can be found inside the Nashkel Mines and is a Ghaunadan, a member of the race of ooze - like shapechangers who venerate Ghaunadaur, the evil deity of oozes, moulds and the like.

Version 13 comes with  Russian version by yota13 and p_zombie, and some minor fixes, mostly for EET. Thank you for the translation and tipun for most of the fixes!


- Added Russian translation (by yota13 and p_zombie)
- Added the removal of NPC after the completion of the introductory part of SOD
- Added EET_TRANSITION function
- Added a file transition.tra with a line for the Fate Spirit
- More compatibility updates for EET (dlg names special cases)
- Optimized "NPC can talk" checkes in scripts and dialogues.
- Added mur'neth.ini with mod meta data to support Project Infinity.

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Hi Jastey,

On BGT, I have this bug when installing Mur'Neth v13 :

Installing [The Mur'Neth NPC Mod] [v13]
Appending to files ...
Appending to files ...
Appending to files ...
Copying and patching 1 file ...
Copying and patching 1 file ...
Creating 1 directory
Copying 5 files ...
ERROR: error loading [mur'neth/sounds/IMOEN28.wav]
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [The Mur'Neth NPC Mod], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall   8 files for [MUR'NETH/MUR'NETH.TP2] component 0.
Uninstalled      8 files for [MUR'NETH/MUR'NETH.TP2] component 0.
ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "mur'neth/sounds/IMOEN28.wav")
Please make a backup of the file: SETUP-MUR'NETH.DEBUG and look for support at: http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showforum=50
Automatically Skipping [The Mur'Neth NPC Mod] because of error.
Using Language [English]

Weidu: 0
Findstr has reported NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS

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Jastev, I think it might be better to provide localized imoen28 sound clips. 😉

I know it is a painful job to achieve (IA will install sound clips according to the game language, and it took me days to write the most suitable function to achieve it), but it would be definitively the icing on the cake. :)

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PR sent.

It was easier than I thought as there is only one file to install, whatever the game. So there is no need for a special function.

I did not find Spanish and Russian IMOEN28.wav files. So, for the moment, the mod installs English one for these languages. I also converted localized files to wavc format. ;)

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I have completed the IA sound clips localization yesterday, so I knew what was to be done...

Just another point I forgot to mention: the imoen28.wav you use in the mod is the BG2 one, and it overwrites BG one. It might be insightful to rename it to avoid this overwriting...

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It is used in a dialog:


@968  = ~What'cha want?~ [IMOEN28]

and is a copy of a BG2 dialog.tlk strref. So I suggest renaming it a#imoe28.wav.

Edit: here is the vanilla duplicated strref:


#30736 = ~Whatchu want?~ [IMOEN28]


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