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Does "Immunity to specific string" include custom strings with the same content?


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If I make a spell with a string that says "Confused" (my custom string) and cast it on an zombie with protection from string 7420, or what corresponds to "Confused" in DIALOG.TLK, is that string going to be blocked? The number isn't the same. I've heard that Weidu doesn't create strings identical to ones that already exist, but it doesn't mind leaving identical ones in DIALOG.TLK after mod re-installations. What this is really about, though, is mostly compatibility with the Enhanced Edition Trilogy. String 7420 in standard BG is going to become 207420 in EET, and unless immunity to a string goes by content rather than string number, all of those undead are going to display "Confused." Unless the EET makers specially updated the default items to use their expanded string numbers, but that's no good for me as a mod-maker. I have to give some kind of number to that "Confused" string - a TRA reference, in fact. But what will it be converted to?

I can just create that string and see, and test with a zombie, but not having to do everything myself is what these boards are for. Right? I mean, they've got to exist for some reason.

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12 hours ago, temnix said:

The number isn't the same.

If the number is not the same, then opcode #267 will not block your string, it does not go by content (it grants immunity to opcode #139 effects with a matching String Reference value).

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