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Note to translators - No new call


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I need more lines for the upcoming v10 in Russian and French: All done, thank you!


new lines for v10:


@238  = ~Take this as well. It is no powerful magic item, but it will come in handy - a hero needs to have their keys ready not to lose crucial time due to such a trivial thing.~

Readme: Added paragraph to description of component 14:
"All original NPCs will use their normal SoD joined dialogue and SoD OVERRIDE scripts inside Korlasz' Dungeon as pointed out here: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/34948-how-to-original-npc-scripts-and-dialogue-in-korlasz-tomb-and-compatibility-with-endlessbg1-and-transitions-community-effort/"


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Still needed in Spanish:

new lines for v18:

@10016 - @10018


/* new for v18 */
@10016   = ~Return to the Palace

Sarevok is defeated. I should return to the Ducal Palace and talk to the Dukes.~
@10017   = ~Return to the Palace

As soon as I am ready, I should talk to the Dukes about whatever they want me to do now.~
@10018   = ~Return to the Palace~

@5028   = ~Modmerge or argent77's DLC Merger is required before mods can be installed on this game.~

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/* new for v18 */
@10016   = ~Ritorno al Palazzo

Sarevok è sconfitto. Dovrei ritornare al Palazzo Ducale e parlare con i Duchi.~
@10017   = ~Ritorno al Palazzo

Appena pronto, dovrei parlare con Duchi riguardo a cosa vogliono che faccia adesso.~
@10018   = ~Ritorno al Palazzo~


/* new for v18 */
@5028  = ~Prima di poter installare delle mod su questo gioco è necessario installare Modmerge oppure DLC Merger di argent77.~

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/* new for v18 */

@10016 = ~Retour au Palais Ducal
Sarevok est enfin vaincu. Je dois retourner au Palais Ducal afin de m'entretenir avec les Grands-Ducs.~
@10017 = ~Retour au Palais Ducal
Les Grands-Ducs m'attendent pour discuter de la suite des événements.~

@10018 = ~Retour au Palais Ducal~



/* new for v18 */

@5028 = ~Modmerge ou DLC Merger d'Argent est necessaire avant que des mods puissent etre installes sur ce jeu.~

Edited by JohnBob
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