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Colorful slurs/male gender

Black Elk

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And you thought this thread was going to turn real ugly :)


Ok all here's the deal. I'm currently editing some text for Shar Teel and I'm looking for a little verbal artillery to throw at a male protagonist.


I'm hoping to find a suitable alternative to the derogatory term "male."


I think that the frequent use of the slur "male" makes perfect sense for Viconia (plenty of precedents there, and quite fitting for someone reared in the Underdark), but coming from Shar Teel its seems... well, a bit too much like something Viconia would say. :)


So basically I'm hunting for something colorful that isn't too crude.


I was considering "boy" or "little boy," even "man" or "little man" seems more appropriate to me than "male"


perhaps "walking cod piece" though that's not always so easy to work into the dialogue. hehe


Any suggestions?

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Leave it either man or male. Later on in the relationship Shar-Teel develops a traditional Bio-style nickname for PC and it will be a rotaion with male/man. I would also go with 'cur', 'boor', 'churl' and 'dolt' if you see too close a repetion of man/male

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Mole, vole, toad & wart; especially for short guys, if she's not really mad. Eunuch and gelding might fit in somewhere. As in "Did the zookeeper geld both ends of you on purpose or could he simply not tell the difference?"


There's no one magic word or phrase to suit all occasions with her, I wouldn't think. She seems to have too fluent a line of invective for that.

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