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Skills and Abilities Mod

Guest morpheus562

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Nice, I had thought so based on the initial description, but then when reading this section, was confused by the second paragraph:



This mod has components (outlined above) requiring EEex created by Bubb to work. If you install these components, you will need to launch your game with InfinityLoader.exe instead of the standard Baldur.exe file.

Being this requires EEex to run, Windows is required at this time.

I recommend to install after SCS due to how many changes are involved with proficiencies.


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You can more or less simulate Detect Illusions without resorting to EEex - I do it with my multiclass shamans. It's been a while, but I think I basically created an effect to dispel nearby illusions/illusionary creatures, and then apply it once per round via repeating .eff when you toggle the ability on. It has a chance of success ranging from some minimum # up to 100, increasing by x % each level, via added spell headers. It works a bit differently from vanilla shaman/thieves - rather than automatically canceling DI if you cast or attack, my version disables spellcasting and APR, and you must manually toggle DI off in order to cast or attack. (You can automate that to some extent if you wanted, via 321 effects added to spells and as on-hit effects on weapons, but... meh.)

Actually, just out of curiosity, when you resort to EEex to use the 'real' DI skill, what is gained? I don't have the best grasp of how the skill works; if Inquisitors are doing it with 100% success rate, isn't that basically the same as giving them unlimited-use Oracle, or something like that? What's the difference between giving them an unlimited-use spell vs. giving them the real thief skill?

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23 minutes ago, morpheus562 said:

The real Detect Illusion skill will avoid Spell Immunity: Divination (which I've found many high level enemies in SCS using in conjunction with Improved Invisibility/Mislead/other similar spells). Oracle and True Seeing will both, in theory, be blocked by SI: Divination, and the Detect Illusion skill is the only resource to get around it.

Yes but it's easy to make an innate ability that destroys illusions but is coded as school-less and does not have the DIVINATIONATTACK sectype, which would therefore penetrate all divination protections (and has power=0, and allow it to be cast when silenced, and ignore dead/wild magic, etc. etc.). Is that the main difference?

In other words I'm trying to better understand the skill itself. If it is set to 100, does that mean it will automatically be successful as soon as you toggle it? Or is it a bit more like stealth or pick-pocketing, where "100 is not really 100%" (so to speak) and so it still may take a couple rounds before it works?

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14 minutes ago, Endarire said:

How does your proficiency system work with Scales of Balance or OlvynTweaks?  I like the new proficiencies for arcane & divine casting, but I also like some of the tweaks from these other mods.

Definitely looks like a "you need to choose one or the other" kind of thing. At a glance (and only at a glance), I would guess that you can use SoB proficiencies with Skills & Abilities weapons styles, or Skills & Abilities proficiencies with SoB weapon styles. But not both proficiency components or both weapon styles components.

(incidentally I've been thinking for a long time of using the extra proficiencies in SoB for other stuff, like here. I would probably do it a bit differently, but it's a very nice idea to make use of the profs freed up when you combine weapon categories.)

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