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Guest Rob da bank

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Guest Rob da bank

I have been creating items with Cromwells Smithy and IEEP, but a couple of points confuse me. I've tried looking at existing items but I'm none the wiser.


If I want an effect to, say, have a 50% chance of poisoning the target when hit, this will be one extension header. This will require 2 effects, 1 to do poison damage and 1 to display the icon to the target. If i set the probability at 50% for both, will the one check be used for both (i.e. you will always get icon and poison, never icon or poison) or will both effects have a seperate chance of working? what about saving throws? I don't want the target to save against the poison but fail against the icon...


Also, if I have a sword with a single extension header with a 50% chance of doing +1d6 fire damage and a 10% chance of casting agannazars scorcher, will the three results available be: 1. No effects. 2. +1d6 fire dam. 3. +1d6 fire dam and agannazars scorcher, or could i get the scorcher and not the fire dam?


Basically does each extension header have one percentile check applied, and then each effect is checked against that percentile, or does each effect have its own chance of working? If so, how do you get icons applied to targets only when an effect hits?

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One roll is used for every effect on an ability. So in your poison example, the icon and poison damage would always be displayed together if you use the same percentages (i.e. 0-50%) for both effects. This is why icons always get displayed with their effects, as they use the same percentile ranges.


In the latter example, it depends on how you set it up. If the percentile ranges of the fire damage and Scorcher overlap, then you'll never have a Scorcher without the fire damage. If the percentile ranges don't overlap, you'll never have one with the other. If you don't want them linked, the best you could do is to fudge it:


Fire damage on 0-50%

Scorcher on 46-55%


The overall chance of fire damage is still 50% and scorcher 10%, but there is the area of overlap where you could have both.

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Guest rob da bank

right, so the first percentile number is the lowest percentile that the effect will happen from, the second the highest. that was never explained in any of the tutorials...


Cheers guys! Is the same true of saving rolls? Is it one roll which is compared to all saving throws or one roll for each saving throw?

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Guest Guest

Thanks, now i can safely add icon effects to my items!


Another query... When i made a "Death Warrant" for the PC I used several tokens (<CHARNAME>, <PRO_HIMHER> etc.) to personalize it. I needed to go into NI after writing the description to dialog.tlk and change the string flags to "allow flags" or somesuch before they would display properly. Is this done automatically when writing


COPY ~blah~ ~override~

SAY ~Item description~


in WeiDU or do i need to add anything else?

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