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Ranger Tracking Ability


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What I'm wondering about is the Tracking skill at offset 0x0083 of the .cre file, and effect opcode 95, which appears to effect it.


First, is this actually used to determine the outcome of using the Tracking HLA?

Does it affect whether or not creatures are detected (the arrows on the edge of the screen), or the text that is displayed from the Tracking.2da file?


Second, is this shown in game - I've looked, but I've never found it.


Third, does anyone know how it is determined (based on stats, level, or what?).



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Well, we could rename it to "uknown, unused" or some such, but I think it's more intimidating for newbies if we give it a sensible name, and then say "no, it doesn't actually do what the name imples" :)


Avenger: Any idea where this info came from? It must have been a *long* while ago. Since we're pretty sure it's not used for tracking, anyone have nay idea what it is used for? IIRC, it has an opcode all of it's own to alter it's value.

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