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Barred schools for specialist wizards


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I think this, like most of the rules, is hard-coded in IWD (there's no wizard school 2DAs or anything). The expansion might change this (I know they changed the exclusion schools for it), but I don't have access to it locally.

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You can do it by changing the Wizard Exclusion School variable for every affected spell, as it actually allows multiple schools to be blocked (I believe you can even block all of them if you wanted to). This isn't quite as much work as it may sound - just create a .tp2 which automatically finds all spells with a certain Wizard Exclusion School variable, and then changes it to a new variable.


See this thread for more info.


EDIT: oh yes, and it's exactly the same in BG1, BG2 and IWD1, other than the addition of a couple of Wild Mage bits in ToB.

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Nightmare is right.
Yeah. I was thinking of changing the entire exclusionary school (not just "faking" it with the spells). That said, there may not even be a corrollation between schools and the appropriate restrictions (other than in the spell files).


Btw, the school bits are listed in iwd too.

See MageSpec.ids!

The pre-determined values. But there is no way to change them, and no way to change school/restricted school mappings (which may not even exist).


I know that you can completely change exclusionary schools in NWN by editing the relevant 2DA. See, I really do know something!

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