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Branwen's demands

El Diablo

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does anyone know where (if they are somewhere) i can find some info in the Character requirements for the Branwen romance.searched thoroughly through the forums and i couldn't find it. don't want to build up a char till the carnifal, only to find out he doesn't meet the requirements.


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El Diablo, Branwen's romance so far is only available in alpha for testers (if you want to test it, I REALLY need help with it). Her match currently is:


Male, not evil, Human, elf, half-elf or half-orc, Reputation>10, STR/CON> 9

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Oh if you need testers, i'd be happy to help. the problem is is that my system is unstable somehow ( i thought i had it fixed with my new memory, but just moments ago, the full system freezes reared it's head once more). i can identify this crashes, so no chance of mistaking those with the mod caused problems. it is just not to pleasant playing knowing that your system may freeze up any minute.

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@Grim: Heh, Branwen is a warrior priestess from a barbarian nation, so it is sort of intuitive that she is more likely to fall for a man of at least average build. But this is just preliminary match, I do not have Jolyth's final set of conditions.


@El DiablO: Well, if you get your system up to speed and still would like to test, drop me a line, I will give you a link to the current alpha build.

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