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InLine Trigger


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Lo folks,

IIRC, all the IE games have the InLine trigger.

"Returns true if the target creature with the scriptname specified in the 1st parameter is in a line with the object specified in the 2nd parameter. This object does not have to be able to see the target."


Anyone know anything more? Does it check the x coordinates of two creatures, or the y coordinates, or something else? Does it work?

In short, does anyone, know anything.


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If it works at all, my guess would be that it's only for Icewind Dale (I think they actually used LOS there, too, so it might do something), or PS:T.


As Avenger posted, there is no real practical application for checking if a line exists between two points (since it would always be true), so it may do something entirely different than the obtuse trigger name would suggest.

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