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Looking for an interface string

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I'm looking for the string on the character creation buttons, the ones to be chosen from when selecting class, that reads MAGE. When this option is selected, on the right appears a long description of this class, properly called "wizard," that also begins with the word MAGE. That one I could find in DIALOG.TLK, but not the short name string for the button. Since all of the names are translated for the different language versions, I take it that this is an actual external string somewhere, not a repainted button or a hidden engine feature. The other button strings are also unfindable, like "APPEARANCE." Does anybody know where to look for them?

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The 'MAGE' string is in the dialog.tlk. For BG2EE, it's @18039 = ~mage~ (the UI shows it in upper case).

The 'APPEARANCE' string is indead in a lua file. It's 'APPEARANCE_BUTTON' in L_EN_US.lua (or the equivalent in other languages).

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