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baldursextendedworld.com is down. What's going on?

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I haven't played BG in a few years. I just got both games and I was about to install EET, but baldursextendedworld.com is refusing connections.

What happened? Did Roxanne stop running the site? It would be a shame to see it all disappear. A lot of work went into EET.

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EET is a mod from @K4thos, combining BG:EE+SoD+BGII:EE to one game. It's forum is here as CamDawg linked.

EET is just the platform Roxanne used for her "Baldur's Extended World", but it's not from Roxanne and none of her mods and inofficial mod versions are necessary for it. (This includes her tweaking "EET Fixpack").

If you are interested why it might be a good idea to steer clear of Roxanne's mod versions and the EE Setup Tool, start reading here.

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