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Busted Spell in my EET Install

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EET stripped down modlist.txtI'm not sure how to fix this. I've narrowed it down to a conflict between EET and something else in my mod order, and was hoping someone might know what it is.  The 2nd level Divine spell "Hold Person" is borked.  it has a Detect Invisible icon, the title is something like "This is a donation for your house" and the spell description is merely "What, are you afraid of gold?"  

In an attempt to track down the problem, i decided to remove EET and test it on both BG1EE and BG2EE only using their respective mods.  As two separate installs, BG1EE simply does not have the offending spell.  in modded BG2EE, the spell is present and without issue.  But when I put them all together with EET, the spell gets the wrong icon, and has dialogue for its name and description.  

To my knowledge, the only mods touching spells are EET, Tweaks Anthology, and SCS.  And yet the other two are present in both independent installs, and have no issue.  My modlist has currently been stripped down to about 40, so I'm hoping someone can take a gander and point out the culprit.  

EDIT:  no, that's not my install order.  Its just an organized list by game.  

EET stripped down modlist.txt

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EDIT2: Forgot Weidu.log sorry.
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7 hours ago, jastey said:

Look the spell up with Near Infinity. Then make a changelog onto that file and see which mods touched it.

Okay, I don't know how to do this changelog thing you're talking about, as I've not use NI before, but opening up the SPL section, I've found 4 scuffed spells.





Interesting, none of these four are showing the same botched lines as the one in question, so that means its still unaccounted for.  I do know that SCS reported 5 namespace errors when doing its thing.  4 found + 1 missing == 5....

When I searched for the string of text, I found it in the dialog.tlk file, obviously, and when doing a search for references, limited to SPLs, i got an error about SPPR100.SPL being Null, and no results.

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I found the culprit, with the help of nice people on the Infinity-Engine discord.  Seems "SOD2BG2EE Item Upgrade" did something to Faerie Fire that was causing the issue.  Rather than find out what else it might have borked, I just removed the mod.  Issue solved.  

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