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"You'll regret renouncing this relationship." when leveling Paladin up to 3.


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When I leveled my Paladin Charname (with Crusader kit) up to level 3, she said: "You'll regret renouncing this relationship."

NI finds two references to this string, in BDBAELOJ.DLG and CDIPLIF.SPL. According to WeiDU:

Mods affecting CDIPLIF.SPL:
00000: /* created or unbiffed */ ~IWDIFICATION/SETUP-IWDIFICATION.TP2~ 0 100 // IWD Class Updates: Paladin: IWD Abilities and Skillsv4

Besides the weird mention of that string, I haven't seen any issues, so this is something really minor, but it did confuse me for a moment.

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Not sure if it's important, but Ajantis has the same issue. However, unlike Charname, Ajantis also includes a voiced line (saying the same thing)! I'm guessing the voiced line is related to the string somehow (I have no idea how this works on a technical level), and probably fixed accordingly as well, but just in case the voiced line is a separate issue, I'm mentioning it here.

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