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How can i protect myself against imprisonment if "Spell Immunity" is gone?

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47 minutes ago, Draelyn said:

Starting anew playthrough (solo Mage), how can i protect myself against imprisonment if "Spell Immunity" is gone?

Greater Spell Deflection, Spell Trap, and Shield of the Archon would absorb it; IR's Boots of Etherealness adds immunity for one character (Dimensional Anchor); IR's Rod of Absorption effectively protects the wielder from it for one turn; SRR adds an option to make Imprisonment give a -6 saving throw save. I think Subtledoctor and I discussed the possibly creating a version of Freedom that provided temporary protection against it (and Maze), but I don't think either of us ever did.

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13 hours ago, DavidW said:

Also Improved Invisibility, unless your opponent can see invisible.(Or does SR(R) change this?)

Liches can always see through invisibility (improved or otherwise), right? While liches aren't the only source of Imprisonment, it seems like they make up a good chunk of it... As for whether SR/R makes any changes to that, theoretically a caster would need Detect Invisibility or True Seeing currently on in order to see through improved invisibility.

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Liches should be hard. 

Playing with one solo character should be about getting through the game and maybe sometimes bypassing enemies instead of defeating them.

Even given those two considerations, it is perfectly possible to take on a lich with basic mastery of the magical protection system. 

Also: imprison them first!

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