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Install Error of Icewind Dale Components using Project Infinity

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i want to report an Installation Error using Project Infinity. First i thought it has something to do with IWDification but i get the same Install Error with Tweaks Anthology as well.
It looks like though the Installation Error always occurs when Tweaks Anthology and Iwdification share a Component. First it happened during the Installation of Icewind Dale Casting Graphics and then it happened during a New Installation Attempt (without the Casting Graphics Component) during the Installation of IWD Bard Spell Progression.

I include part of the Weidu Log. I used Tweaks Anthology Version 15 and Iwdification Version 5.

ProjectInfinity-WeiDU-Error-iwdification cdtweaks-150 2270.log

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I tried a new install but unfortunately i still get the same Error as before. I downloaded the newest Version of Project Infinity from Github (Zipfile). As soon as i got to the IWD Casting Graphic Component it produced the Install Error again.


ProjectInfinity-WeiDU-Error-iwdification cdtweaks-10 70.log ProjectInfinity-Weidu-Log-Installation-Aborted-2022.07.27-21꞉53.log

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