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147 RemoveSpellRES(S:Spell*)

the bigg

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I don't know if this is old news, but this action seems to work.

I tried it with innates, and the creature this action was used on lost all instances of that spell, but regained them at waking up. Is this the same way RemoveSpell works?

Haven't tested with priest/wizard spell, but I think the TOB developers forgot to add to action.ids, so I believe it may be noted.

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Galc - I was talking about the scripting action, however I noticed that too with the opcode - I needed that for solving a little problem in Refinements ;)

Now, if I could have the necks of a couple of those who wrote some parts of the engine :undecided:


EDIT: Littiz was succesful in making the opcode work with non-standard named spells - see li#fall.spl and li#flpa.spl from Refinements. I'd attach the files myself here, but *somebody* prefers to keep the joys of attaching files only to a few chosen ones :)

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