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Problem at the labyrinth of chapter 7 of baldur's gate 1

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Hello , i've got a problem and i don't know how to solve it .

For some month i have played baldur's gate 1 ee with mods and i have a blast with it , and i was finishing the game with one of my character when suddenly i had a crash at one precisely moment in the labyrinth , i have replayed the moment and the same crash happened multiple time and i don't know how to resolve it .

I played with the next mod :

Unfinished bussiness 1 

aerie in bg1 

ascalon questpack



bginpc music

bgee classic movies

bgee mini quest and encounters


balduran seatowers 


grey the dogs 




made in heaven (items , quest and encounter , spell)

more stuff for wizards 

rogue rebalancing

sirine call

shades of the sword coast

Sword Coast Stratagem


Tweaks and Tricks 

Here my savegame with the weidu log too  in the mega forlder, please help me , i don't know how resolve it .


Thanks in advance 

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56 minutes ago, pierpoljack said:

At this part of the labyrinth , and i've tried to teleport my party to the end of the maze but after some second it was crashing too.

Sorry but it's still not clear enough, you say that the crash happend at this precise moment but if you teleport the party at the end of the labyrinth it happen too ?

- If you don't summon any creature yourself, the game crash ?

- If you enter in the labyrinth and wait without doing nothing, the game still crash ?

- If you talk to the first npc (Voleta Stilleto), and teleport your group to the end of the labyrinth next to Winsky Perorate, does the crash occur ?

According to your description of the problem, it's probably an animation of one of the creatures in the area causing the crash.

I can't do the same installation as yours, so I can't reproduce the crash on my side.



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To answer your question JohnBob .

For the summon creature :  No if i summon creature the game doesn't crash , one of my mod (maybe the made in heaven encounter) add some new creatures in all the game (especially in candlekeep) and in the thief maze .

For if i wait and the game crash : if i wait and do nothing the game doesn't crash , it's when i'm moving further in the Maze that the game crash .

For the Voletta Stilleto and teleport thing : i did'nt try it and when i teleport myself to winsky perorate (with the command) i have the dialogue (and some mod dialogue too) so no problem from that  ,  and if i try to go somewhere in the map (the exit to the chapter 8 or anywhere else) it's crash 

I don't know if it's a creature that really causes the crash but i had something similar at the Dagger soul stealing quest , I had a well know crash with Aec'Letec (With the SCS mod) and i had to erased the tanari files in the overide for the problem to not happen again . So i really don't know if it's the same thing or not .

That's all the info i can give , i had no bug until those two thing in the whole game and i don't really i have no idea what is the caused .

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I have tried with Made in Heaven - Encounters & Quests componants Revised Corporal Undead // Revised Oozes, Slimes & Jellies // Enhanced Battles: Thieves' Maze.

But no crash, so it's probably an incompatibility between two mods that touch the same creature, but I don't know which  one...

If your familiar with NearInfinity, you can open AR0146.are (first export the area to save it and replace it after your tests) and try to delete some creature to see wich one causing the crash.

Don't forget to delete every alike creature for exemple all Mustard Jelly or all skeleton warrior then save the files, restart the game and relaunch your save.

It's quite fastidious, but the alternative is to teleport your group directly to Winsky Perorate and go to the next area to continue your game.



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JohnBob thank you im going to try NearInfinity .

i'm not familiar with it , i recently tried with EEkeepers for my other problem .

I'm going to do what you said and see if there's any progression from what i was  . 

I'll give you an update if anything change.

Thanks again for the help

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Well, the mh prefix tells you where to start. Made in Heaven is a surprisingly ambitious collection, and seems to be very good at breaking things.

Black puddings don't exist in the base game; they're added by MiH. Specifically, the component in "Encounters and Quests" for the Undercity. The creature itself doesn't appear malformed ... might be one of the associated resources that's breaking things - the weapon mh#blkpd.itm or the conditional spell when hit mh#blkpd.spl.

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59 minutes ago, jmerry said:

Well, the mh prefix tells you where to start.

Yes, however I don't have any crash with only Made in Heaven - Encounters & Quests installed, so I wonder what other mod componant, could be affect the creature.

Of course it's probably something SCS related but we never know...

I didn't thought about his itm / spl, so I guess we'll have to check them too.

Thanks for your suggestions !


@pierpoljack, here is an archive to check all three files related to Black Pudding.


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The creature don't spawns they are integred to BG/AR0146 and BG/AR0123 and the crash don't occur right away... (It seem to occur on both areas)

But I'm waiting to see which component affects this creature in order to reproduce the issue.


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The only time i have met the black pudding is in thieves mazes and the undercity , two instances where i had crashes , the first one near the entrance to the thieves mazes and the other to the entrance of the undercity .


Here's the filed of the Area to help understand the problem if it can help , i still why they caused this problem.

I tried to see what they look but it didn't work and i had summon monsters to destroy them but they seems untouchable.

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