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Help Me!

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Well, over at CoM, I am making four NPCs. They've been coming along quite nicely, but recently I have discoverd that I CANT CODE FOR MY LIFE!


So with that in mind, I am searching for a project coder. I can still do the writing myself, but I need a coder!


If you're interested, please PM me.

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I understand that Dragon Lord realised that it would take a very long time to code everything alone, regardless of his own skills, and that he therefore seeks help. There is nothing wrong in asking, alas I fear that most of the people are busy with their own mods, like me... :thumbsup:


And, because I can't keep my mouth shut: if you would give links to the NPC's forums and the names and a short description and what you would expect from a probable helper would maybe rise motivation of people to consider your request. Just throwing out an "I need help, please code for me" provokes receiving links to modding tutorials (absolutely no offence meant).

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