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Relocate EE-Characters?

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Hey Everyone,


does anyone know, if there is a mod, that relocates the EE-Characters? I moved all the Chars into the Elfsong-tavern - besides of Rassaad, Neera, Baeloth and Dorn. But Id like to have them all at one spot.
Does anyone, whether there is a mod out there for that?

And is there a mod, that breaks the pairing of certain characters?

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If you mean by moving that they will wait at the inn after being kicked out of teh party, you should not install both "Let NPCs wait somewhere" components of Tweaks Anthology and BG1NPC together but only one.

Apart from that; Tweaks Anthology, BG1NPC + Ajantis Expansion should work well together.

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It's usually not recommended, especially if you want to continue with your save game.

Also, due to how the backup work, un-/reinstalling a mod means all mods installed later need to be uninstalled first, too. weidu handles this automatically, but chances are there could be a hickup along the way.

You do not have that much mods installed from what you wrote, which mods do you want to uninstall or change?

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1 hour ago, Silvaran said:

Is it possible, just to reinstall a mod? Or how do I in this system proper deinstall and then reinstall a mod?

To give the best asnwer, we need to see the content of the weidu.log your game folder has, just open the file with Notepad and copy paste the text to a post.

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