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Information on a dwarven deity?


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Does anyone here have some information about the dwarven deity Marthammor Duin? His/her portfolio seems to be: Guide and Protector to Dwarven Adventurers, Explorers, Expatriates, Travelers, Wanderers, Lightning, according to the website I found. I'm looking for information regarding the deity itself, his/her worshippers, and other important notes.


I need this info for a TN dwarven cleric NPC. If TN is impossible for Marthammor Duin, could anyone recommend a different dwarven deity? Thank you. :)

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Marthammor Duin


Finder-of-Trails, the Watcher over Wanderers, the Watchful Eye, the Hammer, the Finder, the Wanderer)

Lesser Power of Ysgard



PORTFOLIO: Guide and protector to dwarven adventurers, explorers, expatriates, travelers, and wanderers, lightning


ALIASES: Muamman Duathal


DOMAIN NAME: Nidavellir/Cavern of Rest




ALLIES: Baervan Wildwanderer, Cyrrollalee, Gwaeron Windstrom, Lathander, Mielikki, the Morndinsamman (except Abbathor, Deep Duerra, Laduguer), Shaundakul, Stronmaus, Tapann, Tymora, Waukeen


FOES: Deep Duerra, Laduguer, Urdlen, the goblinkin and evil giant pantheons


SYMBOL: An upright mace, over a single leather boot trimmed with fur, toe to the right or a mace in gauntlets




Marthammor Duin (Mar-THAM-more DOO-ihn), known on other worlds as Muamman Duathal (Moo-AM-man Doo-AHthuhl), is the protector of dwarves who make their lives in human society in the North, rather than keeping to mountain or deep-delve enclaves. Commonly known as Wanderers, all such dwarves make offerings to him in appeasement for good fortune.  Marthammor is the patron of adventurers and explorers and all those dwarves who travel or live far from the dwarven homelands, allowing them to find routes to escape or to victory in their travels. He also watches over dwarven craftsfolk of any good alignment, keeping their homes and persons safe. His secondary aspect as god of lightning is unique among dwarves.  The Finder-of-Trails is a growing cult in the North, and he may be evolving into an intermediate power.


Marthammor is seldom at home in his Cavern of Rest, which is guarded by the souls of those dwarves who perished while traveling aboveground and by boars and war dogs trained by the god himself. The Cavern lies in the ever-shifting underways of Nidavellir, third layer of Ysgard. Marthammor spends most of his time wandering the northern reaches of Faerun in his avatar form. Marthammor sometimes sends his avatar to act as a guide or to warn urban dwarves of trouble brewing in their homelands. More often, he sends omens in the form of lightning, subsidence on trails, sudden rockfalls, or priestly divination through stone-flinging (the pattern of a fist is a common sign).


Marthammor is almost gnomelike in his approach to life; he's open and friendly, and he's definitely curious what lies over the next horizon. He has a keen interest in the doings of the multiverse as a whole, and he is far less xenophobic than most dwarves or their deities.


Marthammor is one of the youngest powers of the Morndinsamman, and as such the other members tolerate what they call his antics. Moradin hopes Marthammor will settle down in a few millennia and gives thanks, at least, that he is not as chaotic as Dugmaren Brightmantle. Marthammor is on good terms with Dugmaren, as the theme of traveling to gain knowledge is a shared concern of these gods, and the Finder-of-Trails is welcome in Dugmaren's Soot Hall. While he hates all goblinkin and evil giant gods, Marthammor harbors a particular loathing for Grolantor.


The Church


Marthammor is well regarded by wanderers, shield dwarves who seek the company of humans in their towns and cities. The Watcher's advocacy of racial integration, exploration, and adventure is little understood by the hidden, shield dwarves who remain cloistered in isolated dwarven holds deep in the northern mountains, but they evince only incomprehension, not antipathy, toward the Finder-of-Trails and his priests. Dwarves of other races have little awareness of the faith of the Watcher over Wanderers.


Marthammor is worshiped on the bare heights of stony tors on moonless nights, or on holy days and for important rituals, in underground caverns. The caverns must always be natural, unaltered by the hands of intelligent beings. Underground or on tor-top, an altar to Marthammor is always a simple stone cairn or wooden tripod, supporting a stone hammer, head uppermost.  Priests of Marthammor stand looking at the hammer, praying to their god for guidance as to where they are needed and what they have done wrong or poorly. The god places visions in their minds, choosing which priests will guard temples, which explore particular areas, and so on. Temples of the Finder-of-Trails are scattered across the northlands, typically in the foothills midway between the traditional mountain territories of the dwarves and the human cities of the plains.


Novices of Marthammor are known as the Lost. Full priests are known as Watchful Eyes. In ascending order of rank, the titles used by Marthammoran priests are Sun Seeker, Far Wanderer, Trail Finder, Vigilant Guardian, Stalwart Protector, and Valiant Hammer. High Old Ones have unique individual titles. Specialty priests are known as trailblazers. The clergy of Marthammor includes shield dwarves (96%), gold dwarves (2%), gray dwarves (1%), and wild dwarves (1%). The dramatic shift in composition by the clergies of most human deities of the Faerunian pantheon toward increased numbers of specialty priests has been enthusiastically embraced by the Watcher. As a result, Marthammor's clergy is now composed primarily of specialty priests (85%), with the remainder even split between clerics (5%), fighter/clerics (5%), and crusaders (5%). The majority of Marthammor's priests are male (81%), but the number of female priests is growing rapidly.

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I think


minor: All, Combat, Protection, Wards

major: Creation, Guardian, Healing, Travelers


Another source tells:


major: All, Astral, Combat, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Protection, Sun,

Travelers, Weather;

minor: Animal, Charm, Elemental (Earth), Necromantic, Plant, Summoning;


Pick one :)

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