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The region link field is 32 bytes long (it is the scripting name of a trigger region).

The dialog resref and name strref in doors are either nonexistent, or follow these 32 bytes.

(there are just enough bytes left in the door struct).

The relevant part of the door struct:


short locp1x, locp1y; //open location 1

short locp2x, locp2y; //open location 2

long strref; //check this for missing strings STRREF!!!

char regionlink[32];

long nameref; //this is unsure

char dialogref[8]; //also unsure



This action would link door01 (scripting name) to the "travelregion", this means, that the travel region is unusable when the door is closed.

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(Although it might lead to a greater abundance of "standing on the spot for 5 seconds before vanishing".)
It will, since EscapeArea() will take the character to the nearest passable transition. You could try EscapeAreaNoSee(), but I have no idea what this would do (the only logical explanation I could come up with was that NoSee() simply gets the character out of visual range, instead of trying to find a valid transition to have the object move to; I haven't ever gotten around to testing the behavior, though).
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The "not passable by NPC" flag will force the object to find another transition for EscapeArea(). If one is not close enough, or cannot be found, the object will not move (it will simply be removed from the area after the mandatory waiting period).


Hmm, actually i'm not sure if that works for escapearea, maybe not
Since EscapeArea() just destroys the current instance of the object (moving anywhere is just for effect), I'm not quite sure what you're talking about. The impassable flag will prevent the object from moving through the transition (either an enemy following GOODCUTOFF, or RunAwayFrom(), or whatever other nonsense lets NPCs move through area transitions).
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