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Question about flirts and lovetalks...


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Just a question.  Is the romance interaction between Mainchar and Delainy gonna happen only in her human form? Personally I would like to see some things happen when she's a raging werewolf...


Very nice mod in-progress btw...found out about this when viewing the Tashia forums. I can already tell this is going to be one kickass mod.

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Thanks for the kind words, and we'll do our best to live up to expectations!


The love talks and flirts are in progress and it's entirely possible you'll see some werewolf or wolf-only dialogues. Bri's doing the writing so I'm sure she'll wander over and post a more definitive answer. Delainy generally can't talk while shapechanged, but that doesn't mean she can't interact...


...though I would suggest *not* rubbing her tummy while she's a wolf.

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Think of the corresponding area on a human female... you may be fine later in the relationship, but it's not a good place to start. :wink.gif


Bri has suggested there will be wolf/werewolf flirts to me as well, I just don't want to paint her into a corner with a "There will definitely be X" statement. We've still got a ways to go. :D

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Been busy lately, but to answer your question Aggressor (and thanks for your kind words by the way), the bulk of the lovetalks will take place while Del is in human form.


I do have a couple of dialogues in mind where she is in wolf/werewolf form.  I can get around the growling and snarling by saying "She can shapeshift her vocal cords to human form, but this places a strain on her throat" I suppose, but in general, only simple language will rule the day for wolf/werewolf dialogues.


However, there will definitely be flirts that can be done while she is in wolf or hybrid form.  


One thing, though, Del hates cold feet ;-)


Oh, and you know how a dog starts thumping their leg when you scratch behind the ear?  I don't recommend doing that to Del when she is in werewolf form.

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