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This post contains spoilers about one of the potential endings for Throne of Bhaal





While I already find it pretty nifty that you will do some stuff with the Churches of Bane, Iyachtu Xvim, Loviator & Talona in this mod, how about the Church of Myrkul? Especially since, Myrkul's sentience has partly moved on to the Crown of Horns and is actually still active to some extent(there is even a Horned Harbinger PRC in Faiths & Pantheons, who only ''worship'' Myrkul and even get divine spells from him, without even using the rules that are about worshipping dead deities in Lost Empires of Faerun).


Additionally, what about the Church of Mask? While I am familiar with the fact that Mask in fact, ''backstabbed'' Bhaal(quite literally) , I am not sure if this would be actually known by mortals, plus it's not really that relevant for the PC. It seems to me that the Church of Mask also might get involved, as Mask most likely would be in favour of Cyric becoming weaker(which, would technically happen at the end of TOB IMO, should the PC choose to become the new Lord of Murder, since that assumes Ao allows the ascension and thus would strip the Murder portfolio away from Cyric and give it to the ascended PC), seeing as he lost one of his own portfolios to Cyric. Additionally, I figure that a lot of the Shadow Thieves that worship Cyric, would move on to the new Bhaal after his ascension, thus also decreasing any potential religious unrest among the Shadow Thieves.


Finally, although this likely would be more of a thing to do for ''complicity's sake'', you also could do something with the Church of Velsharoon, as Velsharoon also hates Cyric(granted, every deity has Cyric as an enemy, but Cyric is /specifically/ mentioned in the entry of Velsharoon). Not sure if Velsharoon already became a deity by then(a quick search placed the year at I1368 for his ascension) and even if he did, he might still be too busy with getting his Church actually organised and so on. So it might be a bit too far fetched.


Of course, I know there is always the issue of time, motivation and so on for modders...just suggesting!

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