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LOL. 1369? Hmm... I was right. :D Seriously, though, I believe that TSR/WotC policy regarding computer games is that they're not canon. I don't have proof of that available to link right now, but I'm looking for it. :D I will post the results of my research either way. Give me a day or two. :D



Well I asked on the FR mailing list, and as of today no WotC official answered my question. :D The mixed bag response seems to be...


Yes, no, and maybe. :D


The strongest argument why not: Because the Bhaalspawn wars aren't mentioned in the timeline in FRCS, and no one has said that they are canon.


The strongest argument why so: Because no one has said they aren't canon, and most Realms novels are concidered canon to the setting. (Which would mean Philip Athan's BG1 and BG2 novels, as well as the third ToB book (which wasn't by Athans, and I can't recall the author's name right now) would be canon, not the games)


The strongest maybe: Realms novels are canon, but for some reason this seems selective since the BG novel arc, Neverwinter Nights, the Icewind Dale Trilogy, and the Threat from the Sea novel arc seem to have been largely ignored in canon.


So, I can't prove a thing! :D

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Just realized that only humans can be Necromancers. So... I suppose that's a neutral good human sorceror to chalk up, and I've got some dialogues planned for him, and I think I even have a quest idea. I think I'm also going with the dumb ogre cliche. I've got one banter (if it can even be called that) planned, and I'm gonna start writing pretty soon).


Just out of curiosity, am I going to need to code this, or can I just send it to one of you guys?

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According to the complete book of necromancers, Humans are typically the only race allowed to be necros, but that is for balance reasons (the same reason why demi-humans have level limits). It does mention that non-humans can be necros, but recommends keeping them as baddies and NPCs for the party to encounter.

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Yeah, I'm just gonna stick with a human. He is a good guy, after all. Also, I've got the first two dialogues done!


EDIT: And it only took me about an hour! I've got Eddie, the necro, and Jaheira in a banter, and Minsc and Yeddie (The ogre) with a sorta banter, that turned into a huge dialogue.

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Just out of curiosity, am I going to need to code this, or can I just send it to one of you guys?

If you post work ideas and work and stuff, and we like it, we can probably code it up for you. :D


Though you learning to code could also be a Good Thing.

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Yeah, but then I'd have to quit my job, and I'd have to hire a servant to feed me, and in the end I'd probably lose a lot of money. And sleep. Seriously, though, I'm probably gonna learn it this summer. I'm taking C++ right now, and I don't really want to teach myself 2 programming languages at the same time.

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Though you learning to code could also be a Good Thing.

Don't let Andyr fool you! You'll find an endless array of projects on which you wish to work and you'll play BG2 F0R3V4RR!!!!1111!!!!!. :D

*Andyr shoots Cam*


Get back on holiday! Stop interfering with my plots!



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Guest Guest

i know this mod is enough work as is and you'll want to shoot me for recomending a new sidequest, but both Jahiera and Cernd come from druid groves in tethyr (from the way these things work presumably the same one) and in soa Jahiera even mentions that it would be nice to return. But in tob theres not even a single dialouge relating to it. Even if theres not a large scale sidequest i would imagine that they would want to visit the place they grew up if in the area, maybe with something minor to do.

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Guest Ellderon

Reporting in!


WOW..the project sounds big and interesting...


Say, will there be elven Paladins? Are you going to keep those class/race restriction?


B.T.W. - got my new armor system working like a charm! YAE! :groucho:


P.S. - If an items is saven in TBG format, then the descriptions stay, right?

I once saved them normally and backed them up. After re-installing BG2 and placing them in the ovverriede, their names and descriptions were gone..

Should have backed up the Dialog.tlk I guess...

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Thanks for your interest. ???


Elven paladins, dwarven sorcerors and the like can only be created properly by patching the .EXE - unfortunately, nobody knows where. :( So unless someone can find out how then it's unlikely they'll make an appearance, though there will be new kits in the mod, some exclusive to various races (eg the halfling Urchin). Class/Race restrictions are one of the things I'd like to get rid of.


About items - yeah, you'd need to back up the .TLK. :groucho: We're working with WeiDU, which has a great system for things like this.


PS I see you registered - welcome to G3! :D

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