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How not to cheat at a university exam


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Guest Aristothenes

It's much better and easier to falsify your qualifications by citing a second- or third-tier educational institution.

Apart from a general lack of scrutiny for most jobs, Li Ka-Shing's son managed to pull this off too... and so many others as well.

The trick is, as Kipling said "neither look too good nor talk too wise".

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O, Alma Mater, Alma Mater! You still look beautiful after all these years. Sorry, guys, I was running up those steps since the age of twelve and spent five years pretty much living in that building on Leninskih Gorah... Awww, my heart is still there on the 8th floor, in the big 611, map room on the 5th and in the giant library with green covered lamps... Geofak probably had not changed a single bit. :)

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