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Typos v5

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The Coronal believed in mythal, but most he believed in the equal alliance between elves and N'Tel'Quess!


Should be 'in the mythal'. The 'but most he believed' part sound strange, but so far I can't think of something better.


I hail from Shilmista, Nalia. No, a Mythal was ever raised over my homeland. I suspect that you know more of it than I do.


Should be 'never'.


Kivan has ''Friend Talk'','' Global'', 1 ' over his head while initiating some of the banters with the PC.

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Thank you.


'Twas supposed to be 'No mythal was ever' ... but 'Mythal was never' will work as well :)


The Globals showing will be removed in the next version - it is still beta atm and I needed them to know which talk is glitching if any.

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