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I was in the pub today...


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... and, as you do, we decided to go play on the ItBox quiz machine.


For those of you not in the know these small machines offer a variety of quiz games loosely based on board games or television programmes, typically involving the answering of questions in exchange for points. And points mean prizes! Or, uh, money at least.


So it's a chance to hone your mind and hopefully win some beer money.


We put in our 50 pence and looked at the games to choose. And we saw a Dungeons and Dragons one!


Intrigued, we decided to play. You choose to be one of three characters and move around a grid, getting treasure (again, points mean prizes) and fighting off the challenges of goblins and the like by solving anagrams.


But it was very hard. :) Moral of the story: even if you like Dungeons and Dragons, sometimes it is more profitable to stick to Hangman. :D

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