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Clua Console/Windspear Problem.

Guest Dave.K

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I have various mods installed on my BG2 game, such as Song And Silence, Quests, NPC Kit, etc. The problem is that when I go to the dungeon area in Windspear to rescue Gerran's child I can't actually enter the dungeon! I thought I could get around this problem by using the CLUA console but I can't get that to work either :beer:


I've typed in Debug=1 underneath program options in the Baldur.INI. notepad file, and also tried Debug=1 Cheats=1 both in one line and underneath each other



but when I pres ctrl space all that happens is the game pauses :)


What have I done wrong?:tut:?:jump::party:?:party:?:band:?:bday:?:beer:???

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I have no idea why you can't get into Widspear, but I think I know how to help with the CLUA console.


The Debug and Cheats lines should be in different places in the Baldur.ini, Debug goes under [Program Options] and Cheats under [Game Options].

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