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BG2/ToB Subraces Mod?


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Please note that Welverin's subrace mod is a beta and as is doesn't work well for some of the subraces. Beiht has some fixes for the drow and half drow; don't know about the others.

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I'm not sure what Davek's problem is, but as I understand it the implementation of subraces has to be done in game. "Welverin" showing up in the beginning of the game to set the subrace is the mechanism he chose to use.


Is Team BG still around? the site (TeamBG.net) seems to be gone. If so, the big question is did some other site pick up its mods?

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Guest Guest_Davek_*
Welverin's subrace mod really, really sucks, especially with Welverin popping up in the beginning of the game and chatting with player :party: .

I hate breaking the forth wall...


There was a good subrace mod on TBG...



:party: Okay maybe I'll steer clear! TBG? Pardon my ignorance but what does that mean :band:


Ah I see, thanks. :)

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finnjo made a Subrace mod, but it disappeared with TBG.  I think I might have a copy on my computer at home, so perhaps I can post it in the CoM Subraces forum since finnjo seems to have disappeared, as well.


I'm late, but I've finally reposted finnJO's version: http://chosenofmystra.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1772


Sorry for the delay.

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