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Mu-u-u-sic Poll - please answer NOW!


Do you want Romantic Music included into BG1NPC or MP?  

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We have long ago separated the music into the Music Pack, that can be installed separately. Coran's Romance Themes are there atm. Do you want it to remain this way, or do you want the romantic themes (there are about 12, I think, probably some 6 Megs all together) added to the BG1NPC itself? BG1NPC right now is about 2 Megs. If I add music in, you will have to have the romantic music. Other music, the one that plays when NPCs banter with PC, will remain a the MP. Or should we just forego the separate install and dump the whole pack into Bg1NPC Phase III?


I need the representative answers relatively quickly, that is why there is no 'I don't care' option etc.


Thank you in advance for voting.

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Er, I just voted for "included into BG1 NPC main install" (naturally :) ), but my vote somehow went to "Music pack". Sigh. Life is unfair.


Also, maybe "Do you want romance music included into BG1NPC or MP?" instead of "Do you want music included into BG1NPC or MP?"

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I would tend to prefer the romance music included in the main mod install, but if the music pack is visible close to the place where BG1NPC is downloaded from, I reckon most people would see it and download it if they wanted it.

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I would prefer it to be a seperate install. More then likely, the BG! NPC Project will go though more updates then the music pack. Combining them would make you have to download a larger file every time there is an update.


Those of us on dialup would appreciate it in two parts.

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Those of us on dialup would appreciate it in two parts.


That's a great idea. So, there could be

- BG1NPC main install

- Romance music pack

- music pack.


I am all for it. (But of course, I'm not the one writing ogg installers... )

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