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Divinate, Medician and Militarist kit


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I've read about the Divinate, Medician and Militarist in the AD&D source The Complete Paladin's Handbook. Though I had a fairly hard time to figure out their possible advantages/disadvantages in BGII, I like the end results! :)



Devoutly religious, Divinates serve as the military branch of their church and consider themselves soldiers of their gods. Their religious discipline imbues them with a clear sense of purpose; promoting the principles of their faith is not only morally correct, but a sacred duty.



• In addition to the standard spheres a paladin can use, Divinates have minor access of the spheres of Charm, Guardian, and Sun



• None



The Medician seeks to thread the sick, alleviate suffering, and save lives. Much of her training has been devoted to medical arts, and she follows a religion whose deities promote healing and compassion. Though as much an enemy of evil as any paladin, the Medician has decided that she can best uphold her principles by fighting injury and disease.



• Immune to disease

• May cast Cure Disease once per day per 4 levels, as third level cleric spell of the same name

• May cast Lay on Hands once per day per 4 levels, as the standard paladin ability



• -1 to hit and -1 damage with all weapons a paladin can use



The Militarist is a battlefield virtuoso. War is a sacred act, he believes, and a chance for spiritual redemption. By defeating enemies in combat, he pays tribute to his gods and secures his place in the afterlife.



• Can place three proficiency stars in any melee weapon a paladin can use

• Immune to backstab

• +2 to hit and +2 damage with all melee weapons a paladin can use



• May not cast priest spells

• May not turn undead

• May not use missile weapons


And a little idea for the Totemic Druid kit at the end:

Since they’re able to summon spirits, wouldn’t it make sense to give them minor/major access to the Summoning sphere? Just though that spells such as Summon Animal Spirit and Conjure Animals could fit them.

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Yah, my mind got a bit blank by the Divinate kit since I have no idea how to change its disadvantages into the BGII engine. :shrugs: Well, either way […] My main goal with this little thread here is to give the Divine Remix team ideas for new Paladin kits. So be my guests and feel free to change their advantages & disadvantages to your likings. :)

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Some ideas fo that kits..

Diviner gain penalty -1 to hit and damage..

Medic can attach only 1 point to weapon.

And erase Militarist immunity for backstab. But kit's are so good..


Please write more advantages. High level.. Hmm.. Medic gain more healing spells. Diviner gain some innate abbilities. Militarist gain bonus to hit and damage...

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I'll vote that DR gives the paladins their immunity to disease. :)


If you guys decide to let the Medician kit have immunity to poison, then perhaps you could add a Slow Poison or Remove Poison ability as well? It would seem rather strange to me if the Medician were immune to poison but cannot fight it, like disease and injuries.

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Why Ilmater especially, out of interest?


I like the idea of deity-specific ones too, but my issue is that in some cases the kits pretty much cover the deities well already. So an Inquisitor is ideal for Torm, Helm or Tyr and an Undead Hunter fits Lathander or Kelemvor, while a Cavalier could do Lathander (again) or Sune or someone (being a more 'romanticised' paladin).

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