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Playwright Kit

Miss Sakaki

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This is a custom bard kit which I am currently using for one of Feuille's and my upcoming NPCs. How does it sound - overpowered/useless/just right? Comments and suggestions are most welcome.


PLAYWRIGHT: This class consists of a bard who has chosen to spend his time studying and researching for artistic works-in-progress. They appreciate knowledge for its own sake as well as for use in a stage production, and eschew the combative aspects of adventuring.



-  +10% Lore bonus

-  One bonus spell slot per spell level

-  Two level 7 spell slots



-  -2 THACO penalty

-  -20% pickpocketing penalty

-  -2 damage penalty

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Yep, and of course apply a spell to other kits + trueclass to remove them again. However, this will probably mean that other bards will still see the spell selection screen for 7th level spells.


Incidentally, we experienced an odd bug in Cleric Remix to do with removing spell slots, where it would sometimes unmemorize all spells of that level. Fortunately, if the character is intended to have 0 spells of that level then there shouldn't be a problem, since he can't memorize anything anyway :). I'm also not sure if we ever found out whether the bug affects wizardly spells as well as priestly ones.

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Unfortunately not. If an entry in mxplbrd.2da is 0, there's simply no way (no known way, at least) to give a character spell slots for that level. I guess this was done to stop items like the Ring of Wizardry granting bonus slots before the character should be able to cast spells of that level.

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