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Seeking info about Grummush


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I was pretty sure either Ashes of Empires or Divine Remix had a Priest of Grummush kit, but apparently such is not the case. I'm currently writing a small encounter with a Half-Orc Shaman of Grummush, and it'd be helpful if somebody could let me know some basics about him, such as his portfolio and the like. I've Googled him, but found little of note save that Corellon Larethian put out one of his eyes. Thanks.

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Now, I have read Gruumsh's entry in the Faiths and Pantheons textbook, but it was a while ago, and I don't recall what exactly it said. I seem to recall that his alignment is Chaotic Evil, his domains include War and Chaos, and that part of his ideology is that the orcs must continue breeding, fighting other humanoids, and expanding their territory at all costs.

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I'm planning a Priest of Gruumsh kit, but it's not done yet.


As an aside, the orcish pantheon used to be LE (they were the polar opposite of the elves, who are CG). Gruumsh et al also lived in Acheron as they were kicked out of the Hells by Asmodeus.


Then 3E came along and Orcs became Barbarians, which of course meant their pantheon essentially underwent a Lawful->Chaotic shift and now the deities are all NE or CE. Which I think sucks. I don't recall which planes they live on in the new cosmology.


Anyhow, in DR I'll be working under the assumption that they're LE.


Incidentally, Orcs do not believe that Corellon put out one of Gruumsh's eyes: they maitain he was always Cyclopean. As if a pansy Elf could have hurt him, bah...

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It's actually spelled "Gruumsh", which is probably why Google didn't come up with much :).

DOH! :facepalm:


Anyway, this page has info on all the orc deities, written up in the style of the 2nd edition sourcebook Faith & Avatars.

Yippy skippy! I had a good line on the Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish, and General (Human) pantheons, but was sorely lacking in knowledge of the others. I'll take a good look at this place and see if there are any Orcish deities who would be likely to allow one of their faithful to work in a Temple and perform Healing services for any gold-carrying creature who came along. I just can't see a follower of Gruumsh healing an Elf, somehow. :O

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Barbarian should can achieve lawful alignment! Honorable barbarians and bear licantropes... they're LAWFUL. And Gruumsh is lawful too..

I would agree, except that "lawful" and "barbaric" are practically antonyms. I can see a barbarian settling down and becoming a model citizen, except that by doing so, he wouldn't be a barbarian anymore. (This makes me think about creating a "Domesticated Barbarian" state, similar to a Fallen Paladin or Ranger: The Barbarian can now put up to 3 stars in a weapon, but they lose most of their Rages.) I feel that though a Barbarian can become Lawful, a barbarian can't. Note capitalization.



By the way, as for my original question, the (very) minor NPC has changed from a NE Male Half-Orc Shaman of Gruumsh to a LN Female Orcish Cleric/Mage and follower of Luthic. She was afraid she would be culled from her horde for not being strong and bloodthirsty (she goes a couple of steps beyond Luthic in her tolerance of the other races, which is also why she's Neutral), and so she fled from her homelands while most of the men were out on campaign. This is far too much backstory for such a minor character, of course, but I feel that an Orc who's willing to heal an Elf needs a heck of a lot of justification.

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