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Orientation when transitioning areas


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// incorrect orientation when entering areas
COPY_EXISTING ~ar0409.are~ ~override~ // ployer's home
             ~ar1003.are~ ~override~ // keldorn's home
 READ_LONG 0x68 "enter_off"
 READ_LONG 0x6c "enter_num"
 FOR (index = 0; index < enter_num; index = index + 1) BEGIN
   READ_ASCII ("%enter_off%" +        ("%index%" * 0x68)) "name"
              (("%name%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "exit0400" = 0) AND ("%SOURCE_RES%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "ar0409" = 0)) OR
              (("%name%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "exit1000" = 0) AND ("%SOURCE_RES%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "ar1003" = 0))
            ) BEGIN
     WRITE_SHORT ("%enter_off%" + 0x24 + ("%index%" * 0x68)) 6 // northwest
     SET "index" = "%enter_num%" // kills loop

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Entering the de'Arnise Keep (ar1300, ar1304) area from the worldmap (both pre- and post-TorGal), party is facing S; should be NW. Windspear Hills (ar1200) from the worldmap, should be E not S. Docks (ar0300) from the main Harper HQ, should be E-SE not S.

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    PATCH_IF (
              (("%name%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "exit0406" = 0) AND ("%SOURCE_RES%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "ar0406" = 0)) OR // CC to slums
              (("%name%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "exi0406b" = 0) AND ("%SOURCE_RES%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "ar0406" = 0))    // CC to slums
            ) BEGIN
     WRITE_SHORT ("%enter_off%" + 0x24 + ("%index%" * 0x68)) 14 // southeast
     SET "index" = "%enter_num%" // kills loop

should be STR_CMP "ar0400"

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Why couldn't I find this damn thread?


So, I set movement rate to the max and ran around everywhere after fully playtesting Chapter 2 (my stuff; not the fixpack), and came up with some more. It shouldn't cover already-fixed stuff, since I've already stolen it. (Also used WeiDU and NI to change all the trans in SAV areas to not auto-save; really helps.)


I wouldn't have ever thought of things like this if it weren't for you. I'm not yet sure if you'll ever be forgiven.


TriggerLoc is a list of containers that force the PC to walk to an invalid or stupid location. This is usually when a static actor is located over the activation point; the PC has to rape the actor for a bit, and then the engine gives up and just shows the container screen. These are really only inaccessible points, but one of the AR020* ones was pretty far away from the actual container (I wouldn't have bothered, but I was already in and patching the area, so why not).


Container lists containers that have incorrect graphics. The two shelves could be left (currently drawer), but everywhere else I've been to has these cabinets showing up as shelves. I fixed some already, so they're not on the list.


Facing has entrances where the orientation could be better. The area resref and best-that-I-can-tell new orientation, followed by the referring area (some have multiple references, so be careful). The first two I just haven't figured out if I want to bother.


This covers Athkatla minus the docks, the illusionary circus tent, the Twisted Rune, and Saerk's house.

//TRIGGERLOC (resRef, curLoc, newLoc)
//AR0202, 1992.2236, 2037.2242
//AR0400, 999.835, 999.840
//AR0513, 908.383, 886.471
//AR0700, 605.1133, 572.1163
//AR0700, 3323.307, 3249.300
//AR0204, 3754.2522, 3738.2515

//CONTAINER (resRef, newImg, curLoc)
//AR0400, Table, 2952.2102
//AR0312, Chest, 490.275
//AR0406, Chest, 1411.1559
//AR0506, Altar, 550.173
//AR0501, Barrel, 666.176
//AR0529, Novis, 325.363
//AR0900, Novis, 3065.1647
//AR0902, Novis, 1325.1510
//AR0202, Shelf, 1992.2236
//AR0206, Novis, 576.522
//AR0204, Novis, 1259.2623
//AR0204, Novis, 3754.2522
//AR0705, Shelf, 581.848

//FACING (resRef @newDir (refRef))
//AR0707 @6 (rAR0700)
//AR0700 @15 (AREA)
//AR0700 @14 (rAR0710)
//AR0700 @14 (rAR0706)
//AR0700 @14 (rAR0707)
//AR0700 @14 (rAR0708)
//AR0700 @15 (rAR0704)
//AR0700 @1 (rAR0709)
//AR0402 @5 (rAR0400)
//AR0312 @10 (rAR0311)
//AR0405 @10 (rAR0400)
//AR0404 @6 (rAR0405)
//AR0400 @14 (rAR0405)
//AR0400 @2 (rAR0402)
//AR0404 @14 (rAR0406)
//AR1009 @6 (rAR1000)
//AR1005 @10 (rAR1000)
//AR1005 @6 (rAR1000)
//AR1004 @6 (rAR1000)
//AR1001 @6 (rAR1000)
//AR0500 @2 (rAR0506)
//AR0500 @14 (rAR0506)
//AR0509 @6 (rAR0500)
//AR0500 @7 (rAR0514)
//AR0500 @6 (rAR0705)
//AR0500 @14 (rAR0513)
//AR0513 @15 (rAR0514)
//AR0500 @14 (rAR0515)
//AR0905 @6 (rAR0900)
//AR0903 @10 (rAR0900)
//AR0903 @6 (rAR0900)
//AR0201 @15 (rAR0206)
//AR0202 @15 (rAR0205)
//AR0204 @9 (rAR0202)

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There were more from the graveyard and noted areas that I skipped, and issues in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 areas. Ust Natha probably has issues, but I've run into another issue with the fight pit, so I'll have to wait until after fixing that to pay attention to this stuff.


I probably won't ever have a list for stuff added since; I'll update the TP2 one of these days, and you can look for these there.

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Wow. This one's so huge, I can't believe that (a) it's taken me this long to see the thread, and (b) nobody else has mentioned this.


Beholder Hive in the Underdark (sorry, don't know the AR#): Party is facing South, should be North.


How is it that nobody has yet complained about finding themselves face-to-face with an Elder Orb and a Death Tyrant, with their Tanks safely protected behind their Mages?

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How is it that nobody has yet complained about finding themselves face-to-face with an Elder Orb and a Death Tyrant, with their Tanks safely protected behind their Mages?

Er, usually, I'm too busy surviving to note it down for the fixpack :-)

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