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Level 50

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FFS stupid key whatever :saiyan: So lets try again.


So when I can post few messages at least before the mail server problems get sorted, this is why I joined anyway. Been playing BGIIEE with Legacy of Bhaal and also the double XP setting turned on. SInce we know how fast clerics level, I already have problems with Anomen hitting level 50 in SoA. So I've tried to modify some tables but so far it does not work.

I've changed xplevel.2da so it goes like this since level 50 to 61 for cleric:

9450000 9675000 9900000 10125000 10350000 10575000 10800000 11025000 11025000 11250000 11475000 -1

All the other classes were also moddified though none of them will ever get so high even in ToB.

Now according to hpclass.2da I found cleric first (HPPRS), than I also tried to expand FIGHTER_CLERIC (HPFC) though I *think* this is for multiclass which Anomen is not (Dual Class). Here is hpprs.2da starting at lvl 50:

50 8 1 2
51 8 0 2
52 8 0 2
53 8 0 2
54 8 0 2
55 8 0 2
56 8 0 2
57 8 0 2
58 8 0 2
59 8 0 2
60 8 1 2

So is there anything else I have to change? I got him with 13 level drained after battling Bodhi vampires, when I sleep and cast Restoration, I can get one level as he got lots of XP slaying Bodhi. That would be from 50 to 51. Than it gets screwed, when I try to level up, he gets new weapon proficiency, but the "NEXT LEVEL:" value does not change and I can level up till the end of the time, always getting one weapon slot. But his spells are disabled since.


Now I'd like to modify also wizard tables later, also some decrease in THAC0 and saving throws or new weapon slots would be nice (after all, he'll reach at least level 70 in ToB! that's like demi-god, no? surely he deserves more than 2 HP with each level, at least compared to all those terrible demons with double the badness having LoB on), but being able to level at all would be nice start :tut:

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So is there anything else I have to change?

Well, there's the spell casting tables you ought to change, thac0.2da, you WILL want to check that the weapon proficiency amount is correct in the weapprof.2da, and that there's no lost values you can't actually place points on, as the GUI only covers a 50% of the table(the EXTRA2-10 are BAD as are the LARGE_SWORD - MISSILE) as the BG2 uses only the single weapon profs(89 - 115).


You ought to have made a new topic.

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Well that was kinda problem when I was not receiving validation e-mails ;-) Could've only posted replies, not new threads. Guess I can poke some mod to split it? Gonna try having a peak into those files, thanks.


EDIT// so I've corrected the spell casting table and THAC0. Now when I level up the spells do not get disabled :D However, it still does not switch to next level correctly, instead the Level and Next Level values stay the same after I cast restoration and than level up the first time from lvl 50 to 51. I can still level to infitiy as well and each time I get some lore, 4 hit points and new weapon proficiency slot. I have found a saveprs.2da though which has also been updated so now when I level up, I don't get crazy low saving throws, but just those points I have put into the file.


Not sure about the weapon proficiencies though, I do not have any weapprof.2da file anywhere at all.


Also, what's inside the clabpr0x.2da?

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Not sure about the weapon proficiencies though, I do not have any weapprof.2da file anywhere at all.

That... are you just using Notepad to edit the files in the override folder ?

Cause the file is part of the default.bif -file, which can only be opened if you have installed a (kit)mod that modifies the file and so it's in the override folder, or via NearInfinity or DLTCEP ..

The clabpr0x.2da files contain the priest kit special effects and spells, so yes that file too needs to be modified.. the x being a number, 1 for the not kitted/vanilla cleric, 2 being the priest of Talos and so forth... and you will also want to edit the layhands.2da, backstab.2da, lu*****.2da files with give and restrict the High Level Ability access so you can pack one no matter what... the save***.2da's, perhaps also the npclevel.2da, npclvl25.2da, skillbrd.2da, skillrng.2da skillshm.2da, sneakatt.2da, xpbonus.2da .. that should cover most of them.

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Yep, all the other files were in Overried folder so Notepad++ covers that.Got the weapprof from BG2: ToB 2da file list. The npclvl does not seem to affect me, but do not see skillshm there.


Sneakatt, skillbrd and skillrng seem to covers thiefs (or rangers) so that does not concern me ATM. xpbonus seems to also not have anything affecting fighter/cleric. Pretty much most of them do not cover Anomen :D He's priest of Helm, which one of those clapbr files tha would be than?


Found WSPATCK.2DA too, that seems to control extra attack against level.

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Any tip for a mod which would have such file?

He's priest of Helm, which one of those clapbr files tha would be than?

Just get the Near Infinity snapshot and that will solve every one of your problems of finding files.

Your kitlist.2da will tell you which clab file to rummage through... and some of them are named differently too, not that that will be a priority for now for you. :p The reason I can't tell you with .2da it is, is that there's at least 3 mods that feature a Helm priest/cleric... if I remember correctly.

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Thanks. This is interesting, according to it, Helm priest should be clabpr003.2da, which states he should have true vision and seeking sword, whatever that is, as special ability. Yet he has no special abilities whatsoever :D


skillshm.2da is for detecting ilusions so I think that does not concern fighter/cleric anyway, too? So now it would seem that I have all the files correct. But the leveling is still broken.


Only thing which does not seem right is that Anomen could've always had up to 5 slots of weapon proficiencies for the weapons allowed to cleric. Both in the original game and now in Enhanced Edition. But the weapprof.2da only allows up to 2 slots. Could that be the reason why the leveling is broken?

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This is interesting, according to it, Helm priest should be clabpr003.2da,

The game will not accept a file with 9 characters in the files prefix(the characters before the .2da), as clabpr003.2da has 9.

Technically if Anomen is not a pure kitted cleric, he can have 5 prof points for multiple reasons... he was a fighter, so he can get it before the second class, he is a dualed char with a DUAL_TO kit, which the base game doesn't allow in the first place and so forth.

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after all, he'll reach at least level 70 in ToB! that's like demi-god, no?

Actually demi-gods are level ~25.

This game, man...

Yeah, sure sure sure, and I am just a regular peasant doctor at level 18, can cast all the same spells that you can and have 14 less (~10% less) HPs. Regular peasant... :p

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Point being, Bioware designed it such that 18th level is roughly mid-level play. Whereas it's supposed to the kind of thing where most people on the planet will never get to 18th level - including long-lived elves and dwarves. Elminster is centuries old, and has spent that whole time learning more and more about magic, not to mention having many times more adventures and defeating more high-level enemies than Charname ever does... and he's what, 24th level?


It's just dumb game design. It would have been way better if Bioware had done something like

- BG1 end: 8th level

- SoA end: 16th level

- TOB end: 24th level

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A brief rundown of all 2da files that are level-based, so you can figure out what you need to extend and where. Some of these are EE or TobEx exclusive, so if you can't find all of these in your game it's OK.


The main XP table is xplevel.and max XP is defined in xpcap.


HP tables - EE can also define kit-specific HP tables in hpclass.2da, so check there for more:


hpbarb - barbarian hp table
hpmonk - monk hp table
hpprs - priest hp table
hprog - rogue hp table
hpwar - warrior hp table
hpwiz - mage hp table


Skill-based tables such as spell progression or bard pickpocketing:


backstab - backstab multiplier
crippstr - crippling strike, if enabled for EEs
layhands - paladin lay hands
lvlmodwm - wild mage level modulation for wild surges
monkfist - monk fist progression
mxsplbrd - bard spell table
mxspldd - dragon disciple spell table
mxspldru - druid spell table
mxsplpal - paladin spell table
mxsplprs - priest spell table
mxsplran - ranger spell table
mxsplshm - shaman spell table
mxsplsrc - sorcerer spell table
mxsplwiz - mage spell table
raisdead - raise dead temple prices
savemonk - monk save table
saveprs - priest save table
saverog - rogue save table
savewar - warrior save table
savewiz - wizard save table
skillbrd - bard pickpocket skill
skillrng - ranger stealth table
sneakatt - sneak attack table, if enabled in EEs
splshmkn - shaman spell table
splsrckn - sorcerer spell table
thac0 - THAC0 progression
wspatck - weapon proficiency bonuses
xpbonus - XP rewards for thieving

Kit ability tables also need to be extended. That's everything that starts with CLABxxx, plus any additional ones you find in kitlist.2da.


EEs also uses campaign files, assigning custom xpcap files for stuff like SoD. So add startare and startbp to the list, along with anything else you find in campaign.2da.


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I should probably mention that I have already installed the mod for removing XP/level cap from the big pack from here, it's just limited to level 50. So I presumed I should have all the files in the override folder already and only increase the values.


But if Anomen is kinda special kit, the right question first may actually be, which kits/classes are than relevant to him??

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