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losing my mind...

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I cannot, for thew life of me remember the mod that has a bunch of class options for tutu npc's including making khalid into a kensai. Neither can i remember if I installed it. time to take a break?



no seriously, please help, it's part of some really obvious mod.


(edit: add on)

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The kits are actually part of the regular Tutu conversion. If you are using Easy Tutu that would explain why you don't have the kit choices anymore. Easy Tutu doesn't support them as part of the standard install process.

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BG1NPC does not do changing kits or allowing different classes. TUTU Tweaks has a few tweaks there. It was always the TUTU proper that allowed kits. If EasyTUTU discontinued that, well, this is sort of sad, because some BG1NPCs imo needs to be kited (Kivan --> Archer).

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Hello -


If EasyTUTU discontinued that, well, this is sort of sad, because some BG1NPCs imo needs to be kited (Kivan --> Archer).


EasyTutu does not allow for kit selection for NPCs, partly to minimize the number of questions I must ask end users -- the safest course of action is to assume any given end user is new to Tutu and therefore unprepared to answer a bunch of questions about specific details of the gaming environment.


This leads to reason #2 for the abandonment of kit selection, which is: having kit selection be a part of the core conversion is a dubious decision at best. What if I change my mind anout a NPC? I have to reinstall from scratch? Kit selection for NPCs should be in a mod, IMO.


I have considered making such a mod myself, but I feel that Tutu Tweaks is the proper place for it, since it is (again IMO) the definitive last word in tweaking the Tutu game. CamDawg has already given a very reasonable explanation for why he is unwilling to do this at present, and so...there we are.

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Yes, it was discussed in the past, and the problem is that the TUTU 4 had the kit selection embedded in the install somewhere, not as a topical mod that can be easily moved out to another one.


To be honest for me the kit selection was one of the winning features for TUTU. I don't care if it is a separate mod, or embedded, the main thing for me that it is avilable. Luckily, my TUTU 4 install is great, and I don't think I will be ever replacing it with anything else. ;)

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