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as we all know, Divine Remix introduces quite a few number of clerical spells. Most of the icons for the new spells are fairly consistent with the unmodded game's selection. However, some icons such as Curse (doom?) and Moonblade still stick out -- mainly the color, i think.


I seem to recall that DR wanted to fix all the "incoherence". So hopefully, the icons will be fixed, right?

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Cam's the one with graphical skills, so it'd probably be him that does it. IIRC the Curse icon is the same as Bless, but with the "offensive" red icon as opposed to the "defensive" blue one? I didn't think that needed changing. I'm not sure how Moonblade's colour differs from the IWD original.

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Maybe I wasn't too specific with the details.


The biggest "inconsistency" that I find is with the color of the icons -- mostly DR's offensive red icons, actually. As an example, the offensive red used in Curse (the shape is fine) is jarringly different from the standard offensive red used in BG2.

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