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What It's All About!


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Welcome to the Cleric Remix forum! :D


As the little bit of information by the forum title says, this mod is essentially a revamp of the Cleric class.


We are adding kits so your PCs (and various NPCs in the game) can have more appropriate abilities based on which deity you choose to worship. Kitless Clerics can also find good stuff in the form of new spells and HLAs.


If you actually read your spell descriptions, you may notice that priest ones are organised into spheres. A spell like Cure Serious Wounds would be in the Healing sphere, for example, and Summon Fire Elemental would belong to Summoning and Elemental: Fire. Different deites grant their Clerics spells from different spheres. Kits will also be differentiated by innate abilities granted by their gods.


Finally, we alter some of the existing spells in the game - Negative Plane Protection, for example, is Level 4 in BG2 but Level 3 in PnP, and the existing Cleric kits (Lathander, Helm and Talos) are rebalanced in line with the new format.


And yes, it will work for BG2, BG1Tutu and probably BGT too.

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Please to be filling with wonderful posts!

What qualifies as wonderful? Good, informative and/or imaginative post content? Or, does the fact that it is a post mean that it is a wonderful post.

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