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I intend to TRA'fy the next version of BG1NPC, which will open it to everyone who'd like to translate it in the different languages. At the moment I cannot tell you when the TRA'fied version will be released, but I will definetly be making a HUGE announcement, because we have a number of translators lined up and waiting to start the work. There are a couple of the components to be tested yet, but overoll I think if I'll shoot for mid-summer. Thanks to the kind help from Bigg, Idobeck and Cam we have a nice batch file that allows the mass-TRA'fying, but I will have to check all the files for not having the same names (D and BAFs for example) and that can lead to changes in TP2 and renaming some of our old files. There are bugs to fix from v11, we still need to test out Doro's "return to the inn" component, and the components that Cmorgan works on currently. There is also some materials from Andyr's labs that may be forthcoming. Overoll, yes, we are really close, but just not there yet. I will make my uttermost to have the work completed ASAP.

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