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installation errors on several components


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I tried Easy Tutu for the first time, and it seemed to install okay. But I'm running into problems when installing the Degreenifier and Tutu Tweak Pack features.


Here's what I installed prior to Easy Tutu (in the following order):


Baldur's Gate DVD


patch BGTalesUS5512




patch BGII-ThroneofBhaal_Patch_26498_ENGLISH


Baldurdash Fixpack: BG1FixPack11

Baldurdash Fixpack: BG1TOSCGameTextUpdate11

Baldurdash Fixpack: BG2ThroneOfBhaalFixPack112

Baldurdash Fixpack: BG2ThroneOfBhaalGameTextUpdate12


Easy Tutu (EasyTutu_ToB)





When I tried to install the Easy Tutu Degreenifier I got a message advising I need to do that from the Easy Tutu folder. But I'm not finding an "Easy Tutu" folder.


Continuing on then, when I installed the Tutu Tweaks the following components resulted in error messages:


Adjust Evil Joinable NPC Reactions

Add Bags of Holding

Exotic Items Pack


The availability of a bag of holding and the other exotic item containers are key features to my enjoyment of Tutu. How can I fix this? Thanking you in advance :rolleyes:

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Ahhh -- found you here rather than PPG! Well, your EasyTutu folder (if you just accepted the default settings) is labelled "BaldursGateTutu" - that should help some. EasyTutu sets up a separate directory. That might also help on the TutuTweaks - if you are trying to modify Tutu in the BG1 or BG II - SOA directories instead of the BaldursGateTutu directory, then there could be... trouble .

If this doesn't help, please toss the error messages (they will be in the TutuTweaks.DEBUG file) up nd then everyne can help you troubleshoot.


PS - ignore this message -- Macready is reading the thread while I write this, so Masters Level advice headed your way...

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Hello -


EasyTutu creates a separate playable installation. It does this so that your BG2 installation is not consumed by Tutu (and therefore can still be used to play BG2). By default, EasyTutu installs Tutu to C:\Program Files\BaldursGateTutu, unless you changed the target folder during installation.


So you want to extract the degreenifier, and any other Tutu mods, to this special Tutu folder, and NOT to your BG2 folder.

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Thanks. :rolleyes:


I initially installed Tutu Tweaks to the default path Tutu Tweaks uses: the SoA folder. And I guess it then did it's thing as it normally does in the non-Easy Tutu way.


And, subsequently, now I have installed the same files as well the BaldursGate Tutu folder in Programs.


I'm getting a slew of error messages when I try to install the Tutu Tweaks features I want.


Is the cleanest solution to simply uninstall everything BG (after backing up custom files and saved games I want), and then reinstalling the whole schmear?


Just a bit of constructive feedback: Add in big bold letters at the top of "Easy" Tutu's instruction page:


Direct all other WeiDU mod installation paths to the "BaldursGate Tutu" folder, which should be located at "C:\Programs\BaldursGate Tutu".


Otherwise "Easy Tutu" ain't so "easy."



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Fuck. Now to add to this, after uninstalling, I had some sort of error reinstalling BG. I can neither continue installation, nor uninstall. Installation, and uninstallation, both, are in some kind of limbo without any BG files left on the computer, at least that I can find. Wonderful.

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Hello -


Fuck.  Now to add to this, after uninstalling, I had some sort of error reinstalling BG.  I can neither continue installation, nor uninstall.  Installation, and uninstallation, both, are in some kind of limbo without any BG files left on the computer, at least that I can find.  Wonderful.


I think the Bioware support page / forums has directions somewhere on how to manually uninstall (i.e., what folders to delete, what registry entries to blow away, etc.).

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This happened to me once before after uninstalling BG with Tutu mods. A tech support person at BIS emailed me a protocol that involved editing the registry, which didn't work.


IIRC, later on someone on one of the BG community forums gave me a simple Run command to try and that worked like a charm. It was just one simple command, and I didn't have to edit anything in the registry. Does anyone have an idea what command this might be?

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Fortunately, the same kind soul on another forum provided the solution once again:


"Go to 'My Computer' and rightclick the CD station with the BG CD 1 in it. Select open. Now run setup. I think Baldur's Gate 1 can be installed that way without having to delete the registry keys."


And this is correct. It has worked for me twice now.

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