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avatar morphing script - thief avatar not working


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At some point very earlier on after adding Garrick to the party, both Imoen and Garrick began appearing with the Fighter avatar. I have no idea what triggered this. Using the avatar morphing script to set their avatars to Thief hasn't work--they still appear as a Fighter.


Not sure if this matters, but I'm using Tutu Tweaks and have installed the Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Leather Armor component (and Remove Helmet Animations is not installed).


Also, I doubt this should have any effect, because I did it after this problem began--but I modified skin color for Imoen, Garrick, and Ajantis from that pasty palor to the more sanguine 0x54, and changed Dyna's hair color to a closer match to her portrait (0x29).


The avatar morphing script did work to make Imoen appear as an elf/half-elf (she seems more impish and 'kid-sister'-y that way).


Will I literally have to equip Imoen and Garrick with cloaks in order to give them a hooded appearance?

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The avatar morphing script changes the avatar at the creature level; the armor avatar change overrides the creature avatar. So the short answer is that the armor should be overriding your creature avatar as long as it's equipped.

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Ah, I see. Thanks.


I want to use Garrick as a spellcaster (eventually Imoen too, when I dual her to mage), so I have no armor on them...


Would I do any harm by editing their avatars via Shadowkeeper to a base thief appearance? The only things they'll be wearing on their torsos throughout the game will be cloaks and robes.

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I dualed Imoen to Mage at Thief 4. I prefer the elf/half-elf Thief avatar for her, and that's what I keep selecting via the avatar morphing script.


However, since then Immy's avatar is routinely getting automatically reset to human Mage after resting or upon entering a new map. Is that a bug? Or will that cease once she gets her Thief skills back?

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Immy got her Thief skills back now, but she still continues to revert to the human magess avatar after resting or entering a new area. Should I run Tutu Tweaks again and reinstall the Avatar Morphing Script? I.e., I can do that for a game already in progress?

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From the Tweak Pack readme:




This tweak pack is designed to work with either the Tutu or Baldur's Gate Trilogy mod; the BG2 expansion Throne of Bhaal and BG expansion Tales of the Sword Coast are not required. Every component in this mod makes interactive changes and therefore should be compatible with other mods.


Except where noted, the tweaks adjust items or dialogues added by other mods. As such, it is highly recommended that you install this mod after other mods if you wish to take full advantage of it.


Oops, didn't realize I needed to install Tutu Tweaks last...


I installed the Tweak Pack very early in the install order of various mads and add-ons I'm using. I installed it right after the Baldurdash Fixpack. I installed Tweaks before installing 1) the Banter Pack, and 2) attempting to install Divine Remix--which I think did successfully install its Core scripts, but I got subesequent errors so I abandoned that effort.


Sorry to be such a pest, but if I run Setup for the Tweak Pack again, will this bugger anything up?

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Make sure you uninstall it all, exit the installer, then relaunch it and install what you want. That'll shift Tweaks to the end (although it may take a while as it will have to install all interim mods). Shouldn't mess things up.

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