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Coran Romance (post-spoiler)


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I'm having a bit of a Coran problem. I put him off until he brings me the moon and then fetched his child. I proceed through all those talks until he left to return her to Briel. After he's rejoined (more on that later) every time he initiates a talk (excluding Coran-initiated flirts) I get the (PCinit) flirt menu.


About the rejoin, I go to the Sturgeon. He walks up and says, "I received a message from Brielbara..." I give him 1000, my reputation goes up, repeat until I can flee out the door. I reenter and then he greets me properly, "A'maelamin, cormamin lindua ele lle..." and all is well (until he tries to start a talk apparently).


This will happen every time. Wheather I wait to pick up the child until late in his romance (preferred) or let the last few pre-moon love talks run concurrent to the babytalks (very weird). The only thing I haven't done is get the child ASAP and romance him after the quest is over. (You know, I never have problems with Xan or Ajantis... Coran just won't behave. :) )


Edit: Removed redundant wording.

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yep, what happens there, was that some mysterious stranger, whom we shall not name (though we all know that it was Domi) cut-and-pasted new flirts *over* Coran's last commited talk, causing the script trigeer, and the talk with the proper variable to be absent. It was fixed for V12.

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Which is available for playtesting if you are willing to post feedback about what works and what doesn't... just PM me. The qualifications for playtesting are:

1. available

2. interested

3. alive (though we have no problems with the undead, should they choose to play)

4. be willing to report bugs.


By the way, posting that report for Domi means you are qualified!

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