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Berserker and Barbarian Rages

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Shouldn't they disable the spellcasting icon when in effect?


Umm, but barbarians and berserkers can't cast spells, right? And they can't dual-class / multi-class.

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You can dualclass berserker :suspect: And also if you install dualclassing barbarians from one of the Tweak Packs, you got them too.


In my opinion Berserker rage should give 50% or more chance to miscast spell . barbarian rage disable a spellcasting buttons. Also you can think about penalties to thief abilities (they're need focusing on them... in rage?)


I have done that for Sword and shield but harddisc just broke :/

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Berserkers can certainly dual-class: to either cleric, mage, thief or druid. Barbarians can also dual-class, if you're using the tweak from the BG2 Tweak Pack.


EDIT: yarpen beat me too it. BTW changes based on personal opinion belong in a tweak pack, not a fix pack :suspect:.

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