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Dissapointing epiloque?

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I played through it all and I have to say again that Kivan is a great mod. Once again he is a real elf and not some sissy tree hugging human that looks like an elf. I never got the feeling he didn't belong here and was added later. His comments through the module is as all other NPC should behave. I mean it is kinda stupid when your lover dies and no one else comments and many many other scenarios.


Thanks Domi!


Though I do have to say that the love ending with kivan and PC is a tad dissapointing due to the lack of info you get. I mean you played with both for hours and the epiloque is kinda the ending that you went for and it was kinda short. I was hoping for something bigger and more detailed, but that might just be me.


I think the bow upgrade can be better in TOB, compared to other stuff you find in TOB it kinda is lacking IMO.


Ps I do think Kivan should use a halberd instead of an spear maybe since in BG I he uses a halberd and has proficiency in it, though its not a big deal, since he also got a WAY better suiting class compared to BG I.

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If you don't mind I will re-post what I said in regards to the epilogues a few days ago (I hope it adequately addresses your questions), plus add this:


I modelled the Epilogue's length from BioWARE's ones, as opposite to following the modded tradition of turning them into a detailed account. If it was just Kivan by himself, I would not be quite so jitter, but seeing how it involves PC, I wanted as open-ended conclusion regarding the personal facts as possible:


From Spellhold:


Well, there are actually a few epilogues in the romance, and I'd say that the human's is the most emotional. I kept the epilogue open in regards to the wedding and children on the request of one of the beta-testers who was very unhappy about children that were initially present (don't remeber if wedding was).


The expressions of true love are many, and since I don't have an elaborate tracking system the way I do in Corthala Romantique (and some 12 or so epilogues that change depending on some 5 different factors mentioned in Romance) attempting to match what the individual player wants with a suitable conclusion, I'd rather let people imagine if it was a feast in the Duke's Palace, an exchange of vows blessed by one of the companions when they emerged from the Nine Hells, a grass-stem tied around a finger in the starlight, an unspoken commitment or anything else of your chosing.


Kivan in ToB was pretty much written as a man very certain that he is to stay with this woman till death do part, so imagine away with my blessing! If you feel a need to customize the epilogue a little bit, you can always open Setup.TRA with any text editor, find the epilogue lines, put the customized content in, and then rerun the installer.


ToB bow - well, I am not a fan of the overpowerful equipment and ToB comes with an extremely good selection of it. If you like one of the ToB specific bows, please feel free to give it to Kivan instead of his custom one, he will not mind.


BG1 original proficiency allowed Kivan to specilize in both Haleberd and Spear. While Spear is a natural weapon for a ranger, Haleberd (and similar pole weapons) imo is more suitable for a guard in a city or a footsoldier in a large human army. An elven hunter goes quite nicely with a spear... and, a shameful little secret, I was thinking about the association with the Tolkien's "Spear of Gilgalad", to offset the set preception of elf=long bow+long sword.

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I didn't find the epilogue disappointing. I felt it was consistent with his character and with the choices presented pc in her decision to remain mortal. In other words, I liked it.


Thanks for producing such an enjoyable mod. It was the only time I've been able to get through ToB.

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Hey, could someone do me a favor and PM/e-mail me the epilogue? I'm working on a little project and I've been trying to finish with Kivan forever but it's just not happening. Cursed 5-NPC limit... *shakes head*


I enjoy the character's banters, love the archery a great deal but I am trying to keep my core together and add in a few key others; it's gonna be tough enough juggling people as is, so I'd greatly appreciate if anyone could send me the text of the epilogue.


Thanks a lot!

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Well met,

Just a little bug with Kivan's Epilogue - although my character chose to remain mortal and wasn't in romance with Kivan (KivanRomanceInactive=1, but Deheriana was dead), the epilogue still said something about him as a "former lover of new Lady of Murder". Also, lovetalks kept coming in during ToB despite romance being inactive. It was kinda irritating 'cause I was in romance with another NPC and there was no way to stop Kivan in-game (I said him I want to be friends after his first ToB lovetalk).

Sorry if that's the wrong place to post about bugs, just didn't want to start a new topic, still those bugs are minor and the mod is quite good ???

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Thanks for reporting this. The script is a bit outdated as it does not check for the newer romances when it kicks in the ToB sequence plus misses the Inactive check on the main script. Corrected locally, and thanks for the report.


The triggered Epilogue is actually correct; if Deheriana died, it assumes that there was some form of a romance going with Kivan, and it was interrupted in ToB, because you can't get Kivan to transfer into ToB without him being in love with the PC or having Deheriana alive and well.

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Oh, right. Sorry, it was 4 am and I have not had cofee yet.... Yep, I do need a new version of the epilogue for a romance broken but stayed mortal. Yep, testing for absence as well as for presence is a good idea.

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