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Don't kill me, but - with IWD1 TUTU Beta ready, and IWD1 generally being a good(or so they say) game, do you think you'll ever be working on IWD1 NPCs?


Answering my own question: yes! You know, I think the day you started working on BG1 NPC with Blucher and Kish and folks was really a historic one for IWD... I mean, for IE modding. :D

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Guest dragothica

Just a simple question. Can you make your own group by importing a full group of 6 NPC:s which came from the mod (and then have no Player1, your own character)?


Just like Sir Nord's Company, but with different characters?, will they still talk with each other or comment on things you do?.

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yes, that's entirely possible. They will not engage into the dialogues about characters' actions, those were addressed to player 1, but the 3rd party interjections would still be present.

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