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Don't shoot me, in case you answered this question (a hundrets time) somehwere else. Actually I realized only recently (yes, it's embarassing!) that this project is for IWD2, not 1. Might I ask the reason? Was it engine limits, or just your personal preference? Actually I thought when hearing about IWD NPC project that it was intended to go through IWD 1 and 2 :cry: *runs*



japheth had started a Tutu-like project for IWD over at PPG, and a group of us (Sim, Andy, Grim, Ghrey, Idobek, and I) were sketching out a joinable NPC pack to go with it. It got as far as a beta, and then japh disappeared. I'd still love to get IWD into the BG2 engine as I think it's got a lot of potential for content expansion, particularly with a chatty party.


Between this and Fred's IWD > IWD2 port, it can still happen eventually, but with icky 3e rules. (Not that I'm a fan of 2e--real RPGers play 1e, basic. Elf as a class, w00t!)

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Yeah, I remember the talk about that project as well. :cry: Well, for me, while BG2 conversion fixes dialogue limitation - which is a welcome thing- it will nuke the best part of IWD2 (apart from its modding potential, lol), ie a *good* implementation of 3ED (not NWN1 style, lol). But yes, for IWD1, it will be a step up. Plus, I think, ther eis a merit in the idea that this is your party, that's it. You are cut away from the rest of the world, and must sink or swim. Not that I didn't dearly want to add a Luskan section with recruitment stuff into IWD2 ;)


I am only now starting to see how 3ED is giving a huge bust to dialogues development - I used it very sparingly in IWD2NPC, but now working with NWN2, for plot points, and refinment of the conversational quest solutions, it's brilliant, simply brilliant. Well, brilliant *and* scary, since in the important dialogues require a lot of conversational alternatives. It's interesting and exhausting.


Anyway, I know, I know, a new toy, but gods, do I love my new toys!

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As I said, I just got it wrong completely, and thought it makes sense to start with 1, to have the possibility to develop it further. While thinking this I obviously forgot that IWD1 and 2 are no real sequel (I can't remember much of the storyline anyway), and other valid reasons. No, the title of the mod makes it clear; I was talking about times when it was still a secrit project. Thank you for your answer.


CamDawg: Was it an IWD to BGII engine project? Too bad it got cancelled.

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I personally wondered, because I liked the beginning of IWD, and besides, IWD2 has this nasty 3E bit, which sucked for me.

Actually it's a bit funny, many, many people claim that IWD1 has a better storyline while I would say that the real problem is not that IWD2 is worse just that it is too similar (up to the point of sharing too many areas). And when you get "more of the same" it usually seems worse than what you've played first just because the "freshness" of the concept is gone. I played IWD2 before IWD1 and hence I've always been under the impression that IWD2 has a better storyline. But plot aside I think Domi's choice to go with IWD2 is far more interesting/compelling because of:


-3E (like it or not at least it's something different)

-a chance to play a game with good interface (configurable buttons!)

-all those tiny touches (if player uses a dwarf he will be refused a drinking contest, paladin protagonist will not accept money award after completing quests etc etc) that show that IWD2 is more of an RPG than IWD1...

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CamDawg: Was it an IWD to BGII engine project? Too bad it got cancelled.

Yes. Like I said, we got to a beta--you could load it up and cruise around, but not all the scripting was being converted (we hadn't figured out BitGlobals yet, though Ding0 did later) and I don't think spells were handled fully either. I'd still love to see it finished.


OK, enough thread derailing. Back to IWD2 NPC. Has anyone seen the new project pages yet? Shinies.

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And Diriel has his own page, too! It might do with a proofread, though - it's "or finding its way", no comma before "remains unknown" and "an even more radical doctrine".


But I so love Diriel. "You despise everyone, and everyone despises you." And I love his webpage. :cry:


(I feel an urge to hide under the table when see what I've written for RE: Encounters. Romantic. Go. Play.)

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Guest Guest
And Diriel has his own page, too! It might do with a proofread, though - it's "or finding its way", no comma before "remains unknown" and "an even more radical doctrine".

Continuing the "grammar nazism" - in Salomeya's personality desc we have:

She care about her craft and takes pride in her art being brutally honest.
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